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Tonifying and anti-fatigue pre-odorant footbath. Physiological PH.

How to use: fill the measuring beaker up to the mark (50 ml) with product, and mix in 3-4 l of lukewarm water. Thanks to the atringent and emollient properties of the active ingredients and the plant extracts, the product prevents excess perspiration and the build-up of bad smell. It also alleviates fatigue and the feeling of heavy feet. Your feet will feel rested, fresh, deodorized and the skin will look smooth and soft, in perfect conformity with its natural pH.

Packaging: 500 ml bottle ℮

Component Activity
HAWTHORN EXTRACT Fatigue relieving
RUSCUS EXTRACT Fatigue relieving
EUCALYPTOL Fatigue relieving
ZINC SULFATE Astringent with antimicrobial activity

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This product is available in all the Italian Pharmacies.
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