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Thanks to the modulation pharmacology that emulates the body's natural defense mechanisms, Epitech aims to solve the main problems of the foot due to dermo-epidermal hyper-reactivity phenomena that induce pain, itching, swelling and structural alterations to the skin and nails.

The best products for the well-being of your feet

Here is the range of Podolife products


It is an absorbent powder that protects the epidermis from any maceratives, particularly on the interdigital areas and on the plantar level.


Protective topical cream for effective protection of the epidermis of the foot.


Pre-drying foot bath that tones and deflates the foot, also eliminates sweating and bad smells.


It is a biodegradable foot spray that has an antimacerative action.

Choose Podolife products to take care of your feet

The pharmaceutical company Epitech Group SpA has designed a series of items for the specific cure of foot sicknesses. Podolife provides a option specific on the most common foot and nail illnesses, with top superior particular goods, developed to positively and efficaciously act on each single foot illness. This items are a dependable assistance to remove or relieve all those conditions that, if overlooked, may lead to many discomforts.

Podolife: a complete assortment of foot care items

EPITECH, thanks to its superior pharmacologic exploration, has produced the Podolife project, concentrating on the answer of those foot problems that, if forgotten, can result in critical difficulties to those subjects who suffer from it, especially if they are diabetic person or elderly. This is why Podolife products assortment entails numerous precise answers capable to handle every individual pathology impacting on your feet. Discomfort, itching, swelling and structurel modifications of skin and nail are all conditions with a large impact on excellent of life.

To find rid of the many frequent foot problems, use Podolife products: a complete range of foot care products

Foot aging syndrome, athlete's foot, diabetic foot syndrome, and toenail troubles are the nearly all repeated illness impacting the feet and nails. Now you may discover reduction thanks to the products of the Podolife range. Find out which is the product suited for your needs between the different solutions showed in the catalog. You have to maintain your feet safe and you can do it with Podolife products.

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We give the right importance to the feet.

Podolife Project is a project of the Epitech pharmaceutical company and was created to put the center of attention in the medical field and consequently to solve, using modulation pharmacology, all the various diseases that concern it. In particular, the project is focused on diseases such as diabetic foot, foot of the elderly and onychopathies. Moreover, it has shown to obtain particular results also for the pathology of the athlete's foot.

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