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BROMIPOD<sup>®</sup> SPRAY

Foot deodorant spray with anti-maceration effect.

How to use: unless otherwise indicated by your podiatrist, spray the product once a day on your soles and interdigital spaces a sufficient amount by pushing on the spray device held at a distance of 15-20 cm from your feet. The no gas form of the spray permits full control of the amount applied. The hydro-alcoholic base of the formulation ensures the rapid adsorption of the product and leaves the foot perfectly dry, due to its high volatility.

Packaging: spray bottle 100 ml ℮

Component Activity
MENTHOL Refreshing
TOCOPHERYL ACETATE Antioxidant action
ZINC RICINOLEATE Pre-odorant and anti-macerative

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This product is available in all the Italian Pharmacies.
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