Adelmidrol for topical use, a step forward in podiatry
27 Feb 2024
Adelmidrol for topical use, a step forward in podiatry

One of the most important impulses to the development of podological medical discipline comes from scientific research on neuro-inflammatory processes.

Today the molecule of choice for the control of various foot pathologies is Adelmidrol, an aliamide able to enhance the physiological mechanisms of protection of the skin tissues and, thus, limit the neuro-inflammatory response resulting in itching, pain, lesions and vascular alterations.


A molecule with no side effects

In particular, Adelmidrol, locally applied on the areas to be treated, strengthens the endogenous bioregulatory action of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), “mother” molecule of the aliamides present in animal and vegetable tissues.

Podopathies caused for example by improper postures, trauma or dysmetabolic diseases such as diabetes can therefore be controlled “according to nature”, in a completely safe way and without side effects.

It has been shown that the use of topical compounds containing Adelmidrol is effective and highly tolerable even in combination with other pharmacological therapies: this makes it a top-notch molecule in the formulations of Epitech Group podolife® line, dedicated to the health of feet, legs and nails.


The ALIA mechanism, legacy of the Nobel Prize Rita Levi Montalcini

The studies of the Nobel Prize in Medicine Rita Levi Montalcini, in collaboration with Epitech Group research laboratories, paved the way for the use of Adelmidrol in podiatry.

Montalcini demonstrated the mechanism of action of aliamides, named ALIA (Autacoid Local Injury Antagonism), aimed at normalizing and reducing the hyper-reactivity of specialized immune cells, mast cells. In physiological conditions, these cells carry out an immunological surveillance action and keep the nervous, vascular and cutaneous system of the foot in balance.

The over-stimulation of these cells due to damaging impulses (endogenous or exogenous) involves the release of pro-inflammatory substances and the onset of podopathies.

The mast cell modulatory approach developed by Epitech Group restores the functionality of nerve and epidermal tissues by supplementing the bioavailability of aliamides, thus helping the body to fight inflammation with its own weapons.


An exclusive mix of substances for the well-being of the foot

Not only Adelmidrol: podolife® line products combine elements with different functionalities to optimize clinical results relating to specific diseases.

The synergistic action of these substances (soothing, antioxidants, trophic, antimicrobial) allows a targeted control of each problem. It relieves painful and inflammatory symptoms, but above all it favors the natural processes of cutaneous regeneration.

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