Novel remedies for nail mycoses
24 Jun 2019
Novel remedies for nail mycoses

Skin, mucosa and nail mycoses are frequent problems (frequently not dangerous) caused by fungus (mycetes) and transmitted to humans from the environment or spread from person to person.
For the treatment of mycoses several pharmaceutical or surgical remedies are available. Anyhow, fungal infection might become particularly dangerous in “fragile” individuals with:

  • metabolic disorders (e.g. diabetes) inasmuch it increases the risk for tissue ulcer;
  • weakened immune system (e.g. AIDS, leukemia, lymphomas, multiple myeloma, etc.);
  • long term pharmacological treatments (based on cortisones, anticancer, immunosuppressant, anti-rheumatic DMARD drugs, etc.).

Generally, the prevention of fungal infections is possible, with few hygienic principles. Anyhow, several are the factors contributing to the nail mycoses, and sometimes it is hard to treat them efficaciously.

For the management of a nail mycosis, two main elements are to be considered:

  1. counteract the nail fungal infection with a mix of bacteriostatic substances and able to restore the natural fingernail microbial flora;
  2. ameliorate the regeneration times of the nail with active principles able to improve the turnover of the nail keratinocytes.

In case of onychomycosis is advisable to rely on Healthcare specialists (Podiatrist) who can manage the disease with the use of active ingredients efficacious and safe for the skin, especially when the patient is considered “fragile”.

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