Plantar bromhidrosis, can interfere with our relationships
14 Apr 2020
Plantar bromhidrosis, can interfere with our relationships

Sweating is a complex biological phenomenon, extraordinarily important for keeping body temperature within physiological limits, is finely controlled at peripheral and central level.

The activity of the sweat glands – eccrine and apocrine – is coordinated by the district neuro-endocrine system, which is in turn regulated by the mast cell, a dermal-epidermal tissue-resident cell, with a very quick response. These are the delicate biological mechanisms connecting the sweating phenomenon to situations of emotional stress.

The heating effect of movement, occlusive action of some types of footwear, emotional stress and, most of all, the elevated concentration of sweat glands in the foot plantar area, predispose this district to an intense sweating (hyperhidrosis), often with resulting maceration and irritation episodes  and development of foul-smelling odor (plantar bromhidrosis). These phenomenon frequently contribute to the onset of microbial bacterial and fungal infections contact dermatitis. Further, plantar bromhidrosis might be an annoying condition for the people we have social relationships, thus involving also a psychological aspect.

Bromipod Ultra cream is a specific product developed for a multifactorial management of the district sweating phenomenon, with simultaneous of antioxidant, anti-maceration, astringent, anti-fatigue and stimulating actions, associated with the control of the mast cell hyper-reactivity exerted by Adelmidrol.

Bromipod Ultra cream guarantees specific and physiological anti-hyperhidrotic, pre-odorant and deodorant effects, and represent a valid and complete para-pharmaceutical tool dedicated to the foot hygiene and wellness.

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